• Why is my account restricted/blocked?
    There are several reasons why your account may be restricted/blocked.

    The most common are:
    • Verification issues
    • Self-exclusion
    • Bonus abuse
    • Suspicious activities
    • Violation of terms and conditions.

      Check if you have received an email from us. We contact you whenever we come across a situation that causes you to be blocked or restricted.

      Please contact our customer support team if you have questions or believe your account has been unfairly restricted.
  • Restricted territories/countries from registration at Touch Casino
    Touch Casino only accepts players from certain countries.
    This may be one of the reasons why you have encountered difficulties logging in.
    Below is a list of excluded countries.
    Afghanistan, Barbados, Burkina Faso, Cayman Islands, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Iran, Jamaica, Jordan, Mali, Malta, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Ontario, Panama, Philippines, Russia, Senegal, South Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, USA, Vanuatu, Yemen.
    You will not be able to register if you are from one of them.
    Subject to change at the discretion of the administration.
    If none of the above apply, and you still encounter difficulties opening your account, please Contact Us.